At this time our sprinkler equipment consist of a coupling welder (RW-1000), a Plasma Circle Burner (RB-1000P), a pendulum oscillator, a step adapter, a cone adapter, and carriages.

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Application & Setup Pictures

The RW-1000 is our coupling welder and like all CIRCLE WELDING INNOVATIONS welders it has the capability to rotate clockwise or counterclockwise without gas shielding, welding lead, or electrical cable wrap up.

The welding equipment is a Lincoln LN-7 with a K-418 timer kit that provides the following functions:

  • Pre flow on shielding gas
  • Post flow on shielding gas
  • Cold wire inch
  • Purge switch
  • Burn back control

In addition to these functions, the control has an auto weld switch that allows you to run the machine on the manual side without welding. On the auto side with the FBR switch on and the speed control set to either forward or reverse the machine will strike an arc and rotate all at once.


Model# RW-1000 (Coupling Welder)


  • Welding Diameter: 1"-2"(25 to 305cm)
  • Rating Amps: 300 amps, 100% Duty Cycle
  • Rise & Fall Cam: 0"-7"
  • Wire Reel; 12" spool with a max wgt of 331 ils (15kg)
  • Adjustments: Vert/Hort by rack and pinion
  • Gun and Cable:  No.4 Gun w/ 6ft cable and adapter kit
  • Input Voltage: 120 AC solenoid
  • Welding Process: MIG or Flux Core (Pulse is possible with the right power source)





The RB-1000P is a air plasma burning machine with a thermal dynamics PAK 75XL plus power source, 50 ft leads, and 180 degree hand torch. Like all of our machines there is no wrap up of airline, high frequency cable, power cable, or electrical cable.

The machine also has an auto burn switch, like the welder it allows you to check the rise & fall cam action on the pipe without activating the burning process. On the auto side you are burning and rotating.


Model# RB-1000P (Plasma Circle Burner)








The RC-1100 Combo Welder/ Air Plasma Burner was designed to burn holes and do single or multi pass welding of couplings on sprinkler pipe.  The machine can be rotated clockwise or counterclockwise without airlines, gas hose, power cables for welding and burning, and control cable wrap-up.  Since we have combined two machines into one we need only 26 feet of space in your shop.  All we need from the customer is the beam and pipe stands. Input Power: 220/SP & 110 for plasma power source, 220/3P for welding power source, Air supply for plasma, and shielding gas for welder.


Model# RC-1100 Combo




  • Wire Feed w/one set drive rolls
  • Permanent magnet DC drive motor
  • Dual solid state speed control. One side controls burning and the other welding
  • Brushes & collector rings for continuous rotation
  • Gun & cable assembly
  • Plasma torch
  • Rise & fall cam assembly w/ 5" of stroke
  • Plasma power source
  • Welding power source
  • 50' plasma leads
  • 50' welding leads & control cable
  • Carriage w/ motorized vertical lift
  • Oscillator for mig welding
  • Adjusting rack for burning & welding
  • Adapter



More RC-1100 Combo Pictures





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We have three carriages that are used with the RW-1000 circle welder and RB-1000P air plasma circle burner.





RCW-1150 carriage that may be used with the rw-1000 circle welder only mounted on a monorail it is used to move the circle along a length of pipe.

RCW-1150-w carriage that is also mounted on a monorail and it is for use with the rb-1000pair plasma circle burner. The winch keeps the machine from falling into the hole. The RW-1000 welder may also be used with this carriage

Rcw-11050-m carriage motorized vertical lift this carriage may be used with either the RW-1000 circle welder or the RB-1000P air plasma circle burner. These carriages are used on bridge crane set-ups where an operator would have to reach over a number of pieces of pipe to raise or lower the machines. May also be used on monorail.







We offer this Step Adapter to be used with the RW-1000 circle welder


Step Adapter


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